Asher Hornsby
Asher Hornsby
Asher Hornsby
Portrayed By
Jesse Swenson
TV Series
Josh Schwartz
Stephanie Savage
High School Student
Jenny Humphrey (ex-girlfriend)
Eric van der Woodsen (ex-boyfriend)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Asher Hornsby is a recurring character of the Gossip Girl TV series during the first season. Jesse Swenson portrays Asher Hornsby.

Season 1Edit

Jenny Humphrey's pursuit of a boyfriend in order to socially elevate herself leads her to pursue Asher Hornsby, whom she first assumes to be a dog walker but is in fact wealthy Upper East Sider and attends a rival school in Manhattan. Template loop detected: Template:Cite web Jenny and Asher's relationship blooms until Dan spots Asher kissing a male student from St. Jude's and tries to convince Jenny, who refuses to accept the news.
Asher and Jenny

Asher picking up Jenny

Dan then attempted to convince Asher to confess to Jenny bad the confrontation ended badly. Dan then spreads a rumor that Asher is gay, adding the encounter he saw to the Gossip Girl blast. Blair's suspicions about the blast are confirmed when Isabel and Nelly Yuki arrive with Asher's phone containing texts indicating his homosexuality. Eric, during a disastrous dinner where Georgina accidentally outed him, told Serena that he was gay and that she met the guy he kissed at the Ostroff Center.

Jenny then realizes that Asher is indeed homosexual when she attempts an intimate advance towards him. Asher stated that he would never date someone like Jenny and that he knew her motives for dating him which include gaining status. Asher pleads with Jenny to send a Gossip Girl blast that stated that Jenny and Asher had sex and that she had lost her virginity to him. Dan soon discovers this and hoped to convince her while the blast about Asher and Jenny having sex further elevate Jenny's status. Jenny eventually attends the party that she hosted but the party ends in disaster as Blair arrives to ruin the event. Blair threatens Asher with his phone containing all his tetxs. Jenny continues her lie as she defends Asher until Eric unexpectedly arrives, confesses to everyone that he is gay, and outs Asher who lashes out by calling him a faggot. Blair then sent all of Asher's texts, ruining both Jenny and Asher.