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Brandeis is a recurring character introduced in the third season of the Gossip Girl TV series. Brandeis becomes one of Blair's friends until the discovery of her unconventional occupation makes Blair uncomfortable. Bree Williamson portrays Brandeis.


A beautiful and well-educated psychology major from NYU, Brandeis is a call girl with a proficient knowledge of politicians, most of them are her clients. She is also stylish, having purchased a Valentino 360 handbag that impresses the fashion conscious Blair.
Brandeis Blair Valentino 360

Blair admires the Valentino 360 handbag

During Serena and Blair's fall out in the third season, Serena slowly begins to dislike her especially when she finds out that she is a prostitute. Brandeis uses Blair's connections to get into the Vanderbilt Election party the same way Blair used her to make Serena jealous. Brandeis is pragmatic has no problems with her uninhibited sexual lifestyle.

Television AdaptationEdit

Season 3Edit

Brandeis Blair First Meeting

Blair attempts to approach the stylish Brandeis

When Blair and Serena have another fight, Blair attempts to befriend her to make Serena jealous, knowing that not many people find her approachable in NYU. She first sees Brandeis and her expensive handbag, immediately interested in befriending her. She instantly likes Brandeis and invites her to the Vanderbilt Election party but Serena sees through her facade and pretends to be a competing call girl to draw out truth to the rumor she heard from Patrick Roberts about Brandeis being a call girl. Brandeis confronts Serena, thinking that she is another call girl from her agency and Serena informs Blair of Brandeis being a call girl.
Brandeis Serena Prostitute

Serena uncovers Brandeis' occupation

Blair later sees that Brandeis is indeed a call girl and finds her newfound friendship with a prostitute uncomfortable. Brandeis had been using Blair's connections to get into the Vanderbilt Election party to gather clients.

Brandeis Prostitutes

Brandeis and her prostitutes

Brandeis returns to the second half of the third season during Eleanor Waldorf's fashion show to impress Ed Conwell, a nationwide distributor who could prove useful for Eleanor's career as a designer. Eleanor instructs Blair to bring her many friends from NYU, unaware that Blair is unpopular in her old school. A desperate Blair then orders Dorota to hire Brandeis and a few prostitutes to make her mother seem that Blair does have friends in NYU. Unfortunately, Ed Conwell is familiar with Brandeis and her prostitutes and has made a clear decision not to represent Eleanor Waldorf Designs. Blair blames Brandeis for her mother's loss until Brandeis gives Blair leverage when she informs him that Ed Conwell is a client and is involved with a prostitute named Julian. Blair successfully manages to blackmail Ed Conwell with Brandeis' information.